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There comes a time for each of us when we realise life is not the fairytale that it promised to be when the world was younger.


It was my (Bettina) first year at University and there I was reading about this and thinking "Hmm, how are our lives similar but different to fairytales?" Happy endings don't often happen the way we think they should. Everything seems to have a good and a bad side. And if we’re honest, most of the time our attitudes are more important than our circumstances.


See most days I feel like I am Sleeping but not quite a beauty...And life is so often out of my control I'm left Spinning just not on a spindle... And my dreams feel so uncared for when survival is on my mind that I end up Wishing though it looks like a starless night. 


Let's Get Deep

Shamelessly I say, the main inspiration for this song was the part in Disney’s Cinderella where Cinderella is sweeping and Lucifer, the cat, jumps in and out of her dust pile (tell me someone else remembers that bit? Anyone?). She’s putting effort into cleaning up and doing good, and along comes the cat and messes that up. How similar that is to my life! All the effort I put into certain things - into certain GOOD things - yet people still come along and mess stuff up and plans get toppled upside down carelessly.


So I had to look at my options. Logcially. If we do good - bad things will happen. Then we do good anyway and become - good. If we do good and bad things happen, and we stop doing good...then 'bad' wins. And that's something we cannot accept. So we keep doing good.We keep loving. Because honestly, what’s the alternative? 


That Line Though
The mouth will scream when the toe is stepped on

We like to think of the human race as a body. I may not be the eye or the hand - I may just be the ear. I may just be the mouth. So if you’re the baby toe and you get stepped on, I, as the mouth, need to scream for you. We really believe we need to speak up for those in the world who, because of some unfortunate reason or another, cannot speak up for themselves. That’s really what we wish to do with our music. Bring people together. Share the pain of those suffering. Share the joy of those rejoicing. 


Let's Go

This song first got us recognised when I (Bet) snuck Phil (14 at the time) into a University Songwriting Competition. It was one of the first times we performed together. I can't remember if we won anything but this song ended up becoming the title track to our debut EP and remains one really close to our hearts despite how young we were when we wrote it.

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