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VII ( Sette)

2019 marked the centenary of one of the most renowned occurrences in recent Maltese history: Sette Giugno. As a result of the infamous riots that took place on the 7th of June in 1919, 6 men lost their lives and shaped the future of Malta forever.

VII (Sette) is a triligunal, contemporary reimagining of the events that took place 100 years ago. Set in the historic Fort St Elmo Parade Grounds, featuring a 20-strong international ensemble (including ZfinMalta, the Maltese national dance company), alongside Live Original Music by The New Victorians. Visually stunning, electronic music theatre, commissioned by Teatru Malta and in collaboration with  FĊN.

Composer/Director: The New Victorians
Writer: Erin Carter
Translator: Simon Bartolo
Set: Aldo Moretti
Costume: Luke Azzoppari with camillerparismode
Featuring ZfinMalta
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