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TINGO: The Tuneless Bird

Three birds have migrated to Malta for the winter. The journey has been long and perilous, but they’ve finally touched down and have been reunited after another long year apart. They share triumphant tunes and terrible tales of their aviation adventures…but who’s the turquoise feathered intruder, and why does he refuse to share his song? Join three music-making birds in their attempt to discover the truth about where Tingo The Tuneless Bird really came from, and why there’s no way he can ever go back.

A promenade piece commissioned by ŻiguŻajg International Festival for Children and Young People, dealing with the themes of Migration, Integration and Social inclusion. Featuring puppets by Matthew Pandolfino.

Following its run around schools and squares in Malta and Gozo as part of ŻiguŻajg in November 2019, TINGO is now available for touring. Please contact for more details. 

Ages 5+
Promenade, Puppetry, Music Theatre
30 Mins
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