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So many people have asked us which boyfriend we wrote this song for. But oh baby, there’s so much more to this one!






Keep Me In Love was written when I (Bettina) was sixteen. I guess it was the combination of unknown experiences, new sixth form, different friends and a wave of teenage emotions. Whatever it was, it left me searching and thinking and wandering. It was a time when I challenged all that I loved. Why was I in love with music but studying Chemistry? Which friends should I put my time and effort into? What did I believe about life and my purpose here on earth?

Let's Get Deep

This song came out of my realisation that whenever and wherever there’s love, sacrifice is involved. I wanted to remain in love with the things I had a passion for despite the struggles that may come along with that; despite the pain. I think that when we learn to love through all of life’s waves, happiness is the by-product. And I believe we all want to be happy. It’s great that we can interpret this song in different ways every time we perform it. I love how people can sing it about their marriage, or their dance career, or their pet! 


I read this somewhere and I think it sums the song up pretty well: A life that is an act of love can be presented only on a ‘Try it - you might like it’ basis. But the alternative is clear. If a life of love is a fairy tale, the opposite is a nightmare.

That Line Though
Because you’re madly in love with me

The things we love haunt us sometimes. And although in the heat of the moment we may feel like screaming “Leave me alone. Go away!”, sticking by the people and things we love always makes us better people.   


Let's Go

A 16-year old dream came through 6 years later for us. We can't wait to see what’s in store for the dreams we're dreaming now! 

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